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Critical Communication Solutions for Business

As a business, you rely on communication every day. Keeping clients happy, answering questions and reaching out to potential sales are only a few of  the reasons you cannot afford to lose your critical communication abilities.


Teleira provides you with insurance and peace of mind in knowing you will not lose your ability to communicate. In business, a missed call can mean anything from a lost potential client to a lost current client. No matter who, or why the call is being made, if you miss it, it is costing you money and time. With Teleira’s VoiceShield satellite and cloud solutions, you can seamlessly trasfer from your existing lines, to satellite or cloud services in minutes. No more sitting on hold with your provider trying to reroute different numbers during an outage. Simply flip the switch to satellite and it’s business as usual. Existing lines become satellite lines and you can continue working, making and recieving calls like nothing happened.


Teleira Does not only offer a backup solution to existing lines. We also have state of the art mass notification services, automatic dial out conferencing capabilites and more. With VoiceCast mass notification, you can easily send out emergency or routine messages through text, voice, and email. Messages can be sent to specific groups, locations and individuals. Our conferencing feature allows for simple dial out conference calls. This reduces confusion that often comes with distributing dial in numbers, and relying on your people to call in themselves. Teleira is a critical communications company, helping you communicate easily, affordably, quickly, and reliably. Never lose your ability to communicate. It’s how business gets done.