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VoiceShield Satellite

VoiceShield Satellite is a solution that ensures your phone system remains operational during an outage by switching to a satellite connection. This technology seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, instantly converting all connected stations into satellite phones. A single satellite dish is capable of supporting thousands of concurrent calls, providing a reliable backup communication system.

  • Seamless RecoveryIn the event of primary service disruption, VoiceShield Satellite ensures that calls to your published number are seamlessly redirected over a satellite connection, and answered directly by the designated extension or department within your facility.
  • Communications Survivability – VoiceShield Satellite enables your communications system to remain operational even amid complete local infrastructure failures or severe network congestion.
  • SIP Capability – VoiceShield Satellite features Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with your existing PBX system. This functionality ensures voice and multimedia communications continue over satellite during last-mile connectivity failures, maintaining service continuity amid infrastructure outages.
  • Legacy System Modernization – VoiceShield Satellite provides a modern alternative to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), enhancing older systems with advanced satellite technology.
  • Cell Over Satellite via WiFi Calling – VoiceShield Satellite boosts cellular service by enabling WiFi calling through its satellite connection. By connecting to your existing WiFi infrastructure, it ensures that mobile phones can maintain connectivity even in areas with poor cellular reception.

VoiceShield Satellite with Red Phones

  • Red Phone Enhanced Critical Communication – VoiceShield Satellite offers a robust replacement for traditional “Red Phones,” which are used for urgent communication in critical facilities such as hospitals, emergency response centers, and utilities.

VoiceShield NetPSTN

VoiceShield NetPSTN connects directly to your existing phone system using a proprietary Teleira hardware appliance called a TRIAD. Coupled with the Web Call Controller, this innovative solution restores both inbound AND outbound functionality directly to your phone system using surviving internet connectivity as an alternative path.  In the event of an evacuation or on-site hardware failure, calls can be managed by the VoiceShield platform and delivered to alternative devices like cell phones, other locations and more.

Control Voice Communications During Outages

VoiceShield provides infinite control of voice communications during outages and system failures. Our solutions range from cloud-based configurations that involve no additional premise equipment to sophisticated satellite technology designed to keep voice communications functioning if and when the worst emergency scenario occurs. A comprehensive tool kit allows you to recover from outages on the fly and stay connected when it counts most. It’s an affordable, flexible, and powerful way to enhance business continuity – controlled from an easy-to-use web interface. Mimic your existing phone system, handle calls with advanced PBX features then terminate calls among available people, devices, locations, voice mail, recorded messages and more.

Standard VoiceShield Features

  •  Advanced PBX functionality that acts like a safety net for your primary phone system.
  •  Basic Features Auto attendant, unlimited Menus & Sub-Menus, Call Forward, Dial-by-Name/Extension Directory, Play Message, Voice-on-Demand, Record Wizard, Text-to-Speech, Real-Time Reporting, and more.
  •  Web Call Controller – powerful web-based interface to manage all settings in real time.
  •  Instant Reroute – Divert thousands of phone numbers around outages in minutes or even seconds.
  •  Toll-Free Number Recovery – Recover toll-free numbers even when local or long distance carriers fail.
  •  DID Recovery – Recover individual DIDs directly to any phone, phone number or feature.
  •  Hunt – Overflow calls from one location to another, overflow/mix with UCD, voicemail, etc.
  •  Find Me/Follow Me – Locate individuals by automatically dialing one number after another.
  •  Voice Mail/Voice to Email – Add unlimited general, departmental, or employee voice mailboxes. Instantly forward new messages to e-mail (attached as .wav files.)
  •  Fax to Email – Receive inbound faxes, store securely online and forward to e-mail in PDF format.
  •  Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) – Use call queuing with music-on-hold to distribute calls among employees anywhere using any type of phone— land line, cellular, satellite, VoIP, etc. Use Whisper, Call Screening, and more to answer professionally every time.
  •  Notification – Rapidly create and broadcast thousands of voice, SMS/text and email messages with the optional VoiceCast module.
  •  Conferencing – Instantly establish secure conference calls, automatic dial-out, custom greeting, recording, polling and more with the optional Colloquy module.
  •  Toll-Free Hotlines – When incoming calls are more than can be handled live, a optional Toll-Free Information Hotline can play unlimited announcements, provide voicemail boxes, mix with live answer and more.


  •  Outage Support – 24 x7 x 365 access number with rapid response.
  •  Subscription-based license agreement, no cost updates/upgrades.
  •  On-line user training.

Industry Specific Consulting

  •  Compliance Assistance – Some industries, clients or director boards require specific disaster plans. We can help ensure that your plan meets your specific requirements and provide hard copies for compliance purposes.

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